About the Centre

Co-funded by the University of Melbourne and the European Union (EU), the EU Centre promotes a shared understanding of the EU-Australia relationship and developments on complex challenges such as: climate change and energy, regional governance and innovation and entrepreneurship.

The EU Centre is located within the Carlton Connect Initiative (CCI), the innovation precinct of the University of Melbourne

Aligned with the University’s international and research strategy, the Centre builds on existing deep engagement with Europe through University partnerships with leading European institutions, student exchange and study abroad, research and alumni.

The EU Centre provides a focal point for international and interdisciplinary research collaboration and industry engagement with Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

Centre Activities

The EU Centre program showcases EU-Australia thought leadership and promotes dialogue between researchers, business, industry and the wider community in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

With a focus on EU-Australia policy and action in response to the complex shared challenges of climate and energy, regional governance, innovation and entrepreneurship, our program activities include:

  • Annual international conference
  • Visiting fellowships
  • EU scholarships for researchers
  • Seminar series
  • Research and travel support for PhD scholars
  • Student internships at the EU
  • Summer school for secondary teachers
  • Public forums and lectures with EU diplomatic and academic speakers
  • Expert roundtables
  • Policy briefings
  • EU AUS Collaboration Roundtable
  • Media training for researchers

Facilitating opportunities for greater engagement with Europe through:

  • Engagement with visiting research delegations
  • Promotion of EU research collaboration and funding opportunities to researchers in Victoria.

The EU Centre on Shared Complex Challenges is co-funded by the European Commission and The University of Melbourne.